Real Estate / Mortgage Professionals

Never turn away another potential client!

  • Expand your client base with no extra work on your part
  • We can help to give you a new competitive edge in your marketplace
  • Let us bring you new leads and help you close more deals
  • Never have to say no to a prospective client again

Frontline Realty’s Rent-To-Own Program has been successful helping those:

  • Who have been denied by the bank
  • New to Canada
  • Who are self-employed
  • Who are separated or divorced
  • Committed to repairing marginal or low credit scores
  • Who do not have enough down payment saved
  • Who have structured salary increases

Agents and Brokers Say

" My name is Carmine Massimiliano and I am a real estate agent in Sudbury, Ontario. I have now been involved in 4 rent to own deals with Frontline Realty and every time it was a pleasure dealing with them. They are very easy to work with and respond very quickly to my inquiries. Mike and Corey have taught me a lot about the rent to own market and it has become an important part of my business. They are my favorite clients to deal with. Looking forward to working along with you again Mike and Corey. It has been a great privilege to work with you. "
Carmine Massimiliano