Tenant / Buyers

20 years old! Who would have ever thought home ownership was in my near future?

Well thanks to the Team at Frontline Reality I am now a proud owner of my first home.
I have always been told work hard with the end goal of buying my first home, but I never knew how to start the process. I was discouraged, paying other people’s mortgages, never being able to truly call my place “home”
I work hard but I have no credit. Where do I start?
Frontline took me from start to finish by explaining the processing and guiding me to build my credit.
My family and I will be moving into our home in 30 days! Thank you to the amazing team at Frontline for making this happen.

I would recommend Frontline to anyone looking to buy a home but not knowing where to start, even when you think home ownership is unreachable the team at Frontline honestly cares and will work hard to help you realize this dream! They aren’t just faces on a webpage they are truly a team that cares about you!

Thank you again 😊 Dustin, Jessika and Mila.

Here is a little bit of my story in hopes to help others who think home ownership is impossible.

I was in my 30’s, newly divorced, forced to claim bankruptcy and a single mother of 2. I was desperately struggling to rebuild my life but not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I was tired of paying rent and never being able to provide a home for my sons. A place where they knew it was home! With a bankruptcy behind me I lost all hope of every owning my own house until I met Frontline Reality.

The team at Frontline became more like a family, they cared! They helped me see that I wasn’t working for nothing, that I would own my own home. They took me through each step of buying my house, from coaching me through my credit rebuild, qualifying for a mortgage, home shopping and best of all providing a support system!

Here I stand 3 years later, a home owner! I could not be happier with the team at Frontline, without them I would still be paying someone else’s mortgage not my own!

Again a big thank you to Frontline!


It is a pleasure to be able to express my gratitude to Frontline Realty. I was struggling as a single father of three and trying to find a home. Corey took the time and effort to go through my finances, gave me a breakdown, and came up with a price that not only fit my budget, but it also maximized my chance of success once the program comes to an end. Frontline kept me updated every step of the way via phone calls and emails and even made the trip to come and meet me personally although it was at least 2 hours out of their way. That is what I consider commitment. I have no doubt that this is a new start for me and my children and cannot express my thanks to Corey and Mike for all their help and support over the past few months and hopefully for the next 36mths.


We're extremely grateful for the opportunity we received with Frontline, they made it possible for us to find a home that I don't believe we would have otherwise been able to do without them for many years to come. They are sincerely genuine, and want you to succeed because your goals are their goals.

Amy & Darrell

Rent to own option has worked flawlessly for me. When the banks said no to a mortgage because of slightly low credit score, Frontline was there for me. I have 5 months left in my Rent to own agreement, and I am looking forward to starting my own mortgage.



Agent Testimonials

My name is Carmine Massimiliano and I am a real estate agent in Sudbury, Ontario. I have now been involved in 4 rent to own deals with Frontline Realty and every time it was a pleasure dealing with them. They are very easy to work with and respond very quickly to my inquiries. Mike and Corey have taught me a lot about the rent to own market and it has become an important part of my business. They are my favorite clients to deal with. Looking forward to working along with you again Mike and Corey. It has been a great privilege to work with you.

Carmine Massimiliano

Corey and Mike's team at Frontline Realty were great to deal with. They were easily accessible at all times during the buying process from the beginning negotiations of the offer until closing. They are educated on the buying process which made it easy for me as the agent and for the buyer. They offer a great alternative for buyers trying to get in the housing market who wouldn't normally be in that position. My clients thought they were professional and very personable to deal with.

Chantel Johnston

Investor Testimonials

I have never earned a lot of money during my working years, but was always very aware that I would have to save money for my "old age". When I put monies aside, I was always listed as a very conservative investor and was never willing to take risks to maybe make more money. I had worked too hard for what little I had to put aside.
After listening to Mike Dykstra and his strategies and reasons for investing with Frontline to make more money that I am currently getting in my very conservative portfolio, he made sense and I decided to risk investing a little money through him.
I have never been so happy with my returns. Frontline offers an honest way to earn double digit returns. Mike's presentations make sense and he is an honest man who believes in helping others.

B. D.

My dealings with Frontline have left me with a positive outlook. This company shows great strengths in all aspects: they are knowledgeable, provide opportunities responsibly, understand the market and are on top of issues. The regular guaranteed returns are well beyond market value.
Frontline has provided me with a strong sense of financial security.


Frontline's owners have a thorough understanding of real estate markets and their knowledge and planning has made me feel very secure with my investment. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to add real estate to their investment portfolio.


I have worked with Frontline for almost 3 years and own two rent to own properties with them. I currently own several other investment properties and Frontline was my first rent to own experience. My first rent to own was such a good experience that I bought a second one. The guys at Frontline are professional, honest, responsive, and very dedicated to a thorough and smooth investment experience. I have been very pleased with the entire process from start to finish. This entire experience has been hassle free and pleasant. I would recommend Frontline to any new and experienced investors. There's nothing better than someone looking after all the headaches while you collect great revenue each and every month. It has truly been a six star experience.
A. L

A very satisfied Frontline investor/client

The depth of Frontline’s knowledge of real estate investing is truly impressive. I am a cautious investor who quickly grew to feel comfortable with the level of expertise and professionalism of the Frontline team. They provided me with a thorough analysis of the real estate market and presented different options that would provide me with a steady stream of cash flow, while explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each option. They promptly answered all my questions and coordinated all the paper work, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. I would highly recommend Frontline Realty to anyone looking to build their real estate investment portfolio.